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Geo-Tagging Gives You the Best Result

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We Rank Your Image with GeoTagging

We are one of the best FREE geotagging online tools that help users to rank their Images on Search Engines Like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex & many more. We work best if you want to target a particular location of a country or even you can target a specific country and rank them. If you have GMB listings then We highly recommend you embed GPS location in your Images to rank higher & Faster.

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Our Core Features

Easy to Rank On GMB

It's better if you add metadata in Image to get ranked Faster on GMB.

Rank Website Fast in Country

If your website targets a specific country then geotagged all your images to better stand by Search Crawlers.

Compress Image Size

Rankimg compresses any image to its minimum size without any quality comprise.

Rankimg Core Features

Convert any Image to Webp

Webp is the latest Image format supported by many browsers, if you want to use lightweight Image then Webp is best.

Convert PNG to JPG

With the help of Rakimg tools you can easily convert your PNG Image to JPG without Quality Loss.

Compress JPEG

Rankimg tool doing a great job to convert any image to JPEG formate, with high resolution in small size.


Designed by an SEO professional, the benefit for High & Fast in Search Engines.

Rankimg design by SEO professionals & many websites using ranimg.com to optimize their image & they all getting their results.

Our Retention rate is more than 95%, which means we have a 95% loyal audience who optimize their Images again & again.

Advantage & Disadvantage of Geotagging

Since we all know that if there is an advantage then at the same time there must be a few disadvantages, So here we know some advantages & disadvantages of using geotagging features of rankimg.com;


Easy to Rank your business on GMB

Easy to rank your website on top in any search engine.

Add your Copyright on your Images.

Get more local eyeball

Easy to Find Business Location


You can't compress the image at its maximum level.

Restrict global ranking

How to GeoTag an Image with Rankimg.com?

Follow the steps below if you don't know how to geotag your Image for higher google ranking;

Step 1: Upload your WebP, PNG, or JPEG files.

Upload your WebP, PNG, or JPEG files

Step 2: Click On Geotagging Option.

Step 3: Drage the Pointer to Select your Location. [For More Accurate Zoom out the Map & Select your Location]

Drage the Pointer to Select your Location

Step 4: Write Your Website or Your Shop name in the Copyright Field.

Step 5: Put your Website URL.

Step 6: Click on Save & Close Option.

Step 7: Click on Compress Option.

Step 8: Now You see the downloading Option is Active, So click & Download your Geotagged Compressed Image.

Downoad your Geotagged Compressed Image

What is Geotagging

Geotagging is the process of adding geographical information (metadata) to your photo's file. This usually includes the longitude and latitude details of the location where the photo was taken.

Geotagging is most commonly associated with digital images, although it can also be used with other media types, such as video and audio. Geotagging photos allows others to find where exactly a photo was taken, as well as view related metadata including exposure data and coordinates.

Geotagging can also be referred to as GPS data tagging. Geotagging is most often performed by software on a computer or smartphone.

The process of geotagging, or GPS data tagging, is identical to the process when uploading an image on Your Website & Social Profiles to get Ranked. Some programs even come pre-loaded with geotagging capabilities.

Using the Geotag Tool in Google Earth, for example, you can easily view a digital image's location by opening that image in Google Earth and viewing the associated text. You must also include your name and caption as metadata, but it doesn’t have to be perfect or perfectly timed.

RankImg is the Best & Free Geotagging Tool

Yes, You heard right we are the only geotagging tool that is free of cost, with the help of our tool you can easily embed geo locations in Unlimited Images. Even You can change the Image owner name, Copyrights & Geotags like the longitude & latitude of a place.


What do geotagging images mean?

Geotagging Image means adding the latitude and longitude coordinates to a JPEG Image file. The information will be saved in image metadata & used by Search Engine Crawlers for Better understanding & ranking

Can I Geotag any Image?

Yes, you can geotag any image you upload on rankimg.com, but the output will be jpeg is standardized & till now only formate that supports geotags.

Is it true, Geotag compressed Image rank faster?

Yes, it is true and well researched by our team. We worked on 20 Websites in 10 we publish Images without geotagging & in 10 we use geotag. Then we saw the images with geotags rank higher in Google Image Search.